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smart καπάκι τουαλέτας με 174 ευρώ και νιώθεις άρχοντας : Κάνει και μασάζ

Όχι δεν αστειευόμαστε, το cafago μας ζήτησε να κάνουμε μια σύντομη αναφορά σε αυτή την smart τουαλέτα όπως τη χαρακτηρίζει με κόστος 174 ευρώ. Έρχεται από γερμανική αποθήκη για να μην αναγκαστείς να πληρώσεις τελωνείο, παρέχει μέχρι και μασάζ με ζεστό και κρύο νερό, ενώ φυσικά καθαρίζει τις ευαίσθητες περιοχές.

Αγόρασέ το από το cafago στα 174 ευρώ εδώ


. Description:
Smartmi Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat w/Cleansing Water/Heated Seat/UV sterilization/LED Night Slow-close Automatic Smart Toilet Seat Lid Cover 220V

2. Features:
● Instant constant hot water heating cozy flush
Hygienic Hot Constant Water Temperature Ceramic heating element.
● Comfortable Feminine Cleaning
With one nozzle on the side rim for cleaning the anus and genital areas, helping females to clean their vulva easily and keep healthy even in the menstruation period.
● 4-grade Seat Adjustable Water Temp / Pressure
– Easy to customize your optimum water temperature, seat temperature and washing pressure.
– When sit down, the inserted sensor senses the user sitting on the toilet seat and automatically turn down the temperature, avoiding from burning your skin.
● Cold & Hot Massage Rinse, No Need to Brush But More Cleaner
– Comfortable cold hot massage can promote the local blood circulation. Up to 4 gears water temperature, water pressure regulating and reciprocating washing function, let you be more comfortable and cleaner.
– Coldwater and hot water massages your body by turns to relax your skin and improve partial blood circulation.
● Hip Wash Back and Forth
Press the “Hip Wash” button again, the nozzle will move back and forth constantly to expand the washing area, improving the cleaning effect.
● Upgraded filter and filter element
Compared with the old version, the upgraded PP filter cotton can effectively filter impurities above 5 microns for a better filtering effect and healthier use. The replacement of the filter element is simpler and more convenient as well.
● Dual-self-cleaning Nozzle / UV Sterilization
Before washing, the ringlike flow will clean the nozzle thoroughly with UV light automatically killing the bacteria on the nozzle when the user is away from the toilet seat.
● Considerate LED nightlight illumination
Convenient for night use, without disturbing your family.
● Full body IPX4 waterproof, Totally Safe, Seat cover slowly down
In the emergency of electrical leakage, the plug will auto shut down, Preventing the seat ring from falling down quickly with a harsh sound. Splash-proof in full range, safe and reliable for daily use.
● High Quality PP Antibacterial Material
The toilet lid is made of PP antibacterial material, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and is perfect for family use.

Suitable Types:
1, The water tank is vertical
2, Water tank outside convex
3, Water tank built-in type

3. Specifications:
Brand: Smartmi
Voltage rating: 220V, 50Hz(CN plug with 3 pins, and an EU adapter attached)
Power rating: 1340W
Max power: 1500W
Heating type: instant hot
Water supply temperature: 4 – 40 Deg.C
Water pressure range: 0.08 – 0.75MPa
Waterproof rating: IPX4
Note: the data is tested by the condition: 15 Deg.C water inlet temp, 39 Deg.C water outlet temp ( max ), 800ml/min water flow ( max )
Feature: LED Night Light
Other Function: Feminine Cleaning
Product weight: 3.8kg
Product size (L x W x H): 47.00 x 51.80 x 14.00 cm / 18.5 x 20.39 x 5.51 inches
Package weight: 5.2000 kg

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